Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We're both pretty new homebrewers, driven to it by a love of all things beer, cooking and a hole in the craft beer market in Texas.  Thanks to the fine folks at InBev and their lobbyists, its a major pain in the ass for companies outside of the state to import in and its an even bigger pain in the ass for local breweries to put product in the hands of consumers.

For example, we can go to a local brewery and drink "free" beers on the tour (paid admission) but we can't actually BUY any of that brewery's product unless we go find a store that sells it.  Which is the kicker, because this is Texas after all, so the craft beer folks have to compete for space on the shelves with hundreds of brands sold by Bud, Miller or Coors.  BMC beers are happily sucked down by the keg here in the DFW area, so we're in the definite minority.  For everyone like us, interested in actually tasting something delicious and exciting, there are dozens of people swilling at the trough of the almighty Bud Light in the Blue Aluminum Bottle.

Here's your first lesson, folks:  If its served ice-cold, its probably shit and the brewer is covering up the taste.  Real beers are meant to be poured in a glass and enjoyed.

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