Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Night

Slow cooked chicken thighs (Megan's recipe - dill basil butter rubbed, sat on the grill for a couple hours).

Magic Hat #9.  Its really hard to describe this beer, but its a little bit of a pale ale, a little bit of an apricot beer.  We get it occassionally - these came in this year's Night of the Living Dead variety box along with some Hex (Oktoberfest), an IPA and their version of an Irish Red.  The red is actually pretty comparable to the batch of Irish Red we've got in secondary right now, so we're feeling pretty good about that one.

We also had one of our first batch, which was supposed to be a Lager but isnt really any particular style.  Despite our mistakes, it actually turned into a pretty good drinking beer.  Crisp, refreshing, a little dry.  Still has hints of the cider/green apple taste that comes from fermenting too warm and too quickly.  Not going to win any awards, but its tasty.

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