Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brew Update

Sorry, its been a while.

Spiced Holiday Ale:  fermenting nicely, smelled really good in the first week but the spice notes have mellowed out in the last few days.  We'll see where we're at when we move to secondary, but this may need another round of spicing.

Oaked Whiskey Vanilla Porter:  moved to secondary over the weekend on top of the Weller and oak chips.  We also added about 5oz of pure vanilla extract.  Smells damned good, hopefully it mellows down enough to drink for the holidays.  Should be bottling first weekend of November.

Dirty Redheaded Stepchild:  Megan's Irish Red that never quite made it to red, hence the name.  Sitting in bottles for about 10 days now, should be ready for a two week carb check this weekend.   Looking forward to this one, should be a good drinking beer.

Yak Spit:  Moose Drool clone with slight changes.  Two weeks in the bottle and still flat, so we'll do another check on that one this weekend as well.  Taste is almost perfect, less hoppy than the original but good flavor. 

Our first batch:  We didnt even bother trying to name this one.  Its drinkable, but every damn bottle tastes different.  Still has pretty heavy cider taste to it, but its carbed up right and doesnt make anyone sick.  We have NO idea what the ABV on it is, because we didnt take measurements on that one.  I'd guess its pretty standard  5% based on the recipe, but it seems to have a little heavier kick than that.

As a side note, we picked up a jug of Oxyclean a couple weeks ago to clean out carboys.  The stuff is amazing.

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