Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Epic Fail of our brewing career

We've been sitting on a couple cases of  a Yak Spit (semi-clone of Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing) for the last couple weeks, waiting for it to carb up.  Megan popped one yesterday for cooking (amazing batch of chili, by the way) and its dead flat.  Turns out we forgot to add the carb drops, and we've got 2 cases of delicious, FLAT beer.  So, in addition to transferring our Spiced Holiday Ale to secondary, we'll be pulling 40+ bottle caps off bottles, putting a little sugar pill in the bottle and recapping those damned uncarbed bottles. 

On the plus side, it does move the Red Headed Stepchild up in order and puts the brown ale ready in early November.  It may be more of a cool weather beer anyway.

Bet you a million dollars we never make THAT mistake again...

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