Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Brew Update

Oaked Vanilla Whiskey Porter and Spiced Holiday Ale bottled this weekend!!

The porter is delicious, the bourbon is a little more up front than I'd like but the vanilla and oak are perfect.  I have no doubt that 4+ weeks in bottles will do wonders to merge them together.  Looking VERY much forward to this one.  We're at 5 weeks and counting since brewday, so next year we're starting early on AT LEAST a double batch of this.

The holiday ale is crystal clear (first time using Knox, and it definitely helps!) and smells like Christmas, but fairly heavy on the cinammon.  Again, nothing some bottle time shouldnt cure.  We bottled this one in a case of 22oz bombers, so hopefully it turns out gift-worthy.

Next up is probably going to be a stout of some sort (milk, cherry, oatmeal are being considered) and a drinker (light Scottish Ale or a session beer). 

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